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Oh my heavens this looks like a lot of work but the pages sure are gorgeous!

Can't wait to see them! Looks great! I dont know how you do all this with an outside job too! I know what you mean about swaps though, I want to make some art for me too. BUT the signups for the artfest fatbook should be soon! lol but we have a few months on that.

Have a good day,

Cheryl you have a real job or do you just art? I have no idea how you do it...but you do it well!

Gorgeous sweet Michelle. I need to be closer to you so I can squeeze up some of your creative energy!

Hugs, Kim

Whoa Girlie, that's a lot o' beautiful crafting!!! And in the end you'll have amazing books to enjoy. Maybe you'll even have the world's biggest collection of fatbooks :)

I'm in Ontario now. We're East of Toronto, which is north of NY state. Weather's nice, not too hot. We're 3 hrs ahead now, which might take some getting used-to. Hopefully I'll be able to log on almost every day, in between family festivities :)

"hanging it up"? Yea right! I think you said that not too long ago about charms!! Seriously, your pages are beautiful. And all those originals...Yikes!

These fatbook pages are gorgeous!! I used to love to do these, but I don't like making the same thing over and over. Yours are just fantastic! I have got to try my hand at the gel medium transfers again...

Wow, what a lot of beautiful art stuff! You're so ambitious!! I'm glad you do originals---I participated in an ATC exchange once & painted each card individually, & was so disappointed to receive so many color copies... just not the same! I do understand making copies of your tags tho---you made soooooo many!!

Wow...those pages are beautiful! But...did I read this correctly...each one was a original??? Those lucky recipients!

West Coast here I come! Then it's back to IN on 8/26 and the PDX countdown begins. You'll have to school me on your weather and what else to bring! Talk to you soon. Gorgeous fat books-cannot believe I am not doing the A&S one. At least I have Hampton. Wonder if I should bring it?

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