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Oh, Miranda is going to have so much fun with her new toy!! If she hasn't already purchased it, (she has up to a year to do so after she bought her toy) she might want to consider purchasing the Apple Care warranty...

You have tomatoes!! Ours are just starting to get green babies---but we only just put in our garden about a month ago... Tad bit late this year!

Sweet charms my dear!! What cool beadwork & great idea with the ironworks!

Your BEPE is outstanding!!! All those amazing parts, pieces, bottles, compartmentalized boxes.... sigh.... looks like you could start up your own watch repair shop!! Lovely!!

Your watch part collection is to die for!! I am hyperventilating, looking at that box of little bottles! I adore the heavy metal charms, too!!!

Drrol, drool, drool on the watch parts! I would have passed out cold opening that eBay box!

oooh, i love your new banner!
that ebay purchase rocks.
gorgeous stuff as always!

Hi Michelle!

Tickety Tock!!!! Look at all of your treasures! Wow! Did you ever see that movie, "French Kiss?" That little case of bottles remind me of the wine scent school project that Meg Ryan finds in Kevin Kline's childhood bedroom. Delish. Have fun with your plethora of parts.

You SCORED awesome stuff on e-bay. Lucky girl!!!! I love your charms. Each one has such beautiful detail!

Sandy xox

So much good stuff on here, I was on my way to do something and got distracted by your blog and stayed and stayed. I enjoyed all the Art in Ashland pictures - so many familiar faces that I was smiling the whole way through.

How lucky are you with that watch-parts purchase!!

GO::::::fill in the blank!

Hi Michelle! I just stopped by after getting your e-mail. What a caché of goodies! I can't wait until the next heavy metal/grunge type swap - I missed out on the last one. : (

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