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Sorry you're in discomfort, Cutie :( It's got to keep getting better, isn't it?

Love seeing pix of your day. Is Dava Beads where you took me, downtown?

Your blackberries are a bit ahead of ours. Ours are green.

Happy Wednesday!

Awesome pictorial of a day in your Portland life. I did not know there was a Sisterhood/pants sequel. What a sweet mommy/daughter thing...Drea and I saw the first one together too. Miranda looks so cute! Casey is couch surfing in San Francisco now but I've yet to see him although we have plans to meet for sushi in the near future. Love you!

The Charm Queen is at it again!! Those definately look like a Fiesta! Adorable. Are they felt, and metal? I loved the first pants movie too! Can't wait to see it!

Those beads are delicious! I could spend a fortune in a place like that! Rain was scarce this summer so the berries are hard and small :(
The market for adult orthodontics is booming, I 'm glad you found something to help...

Poor gal! I hope you find something in that stash that helps! Love the pictorial of your day! xo-Mel

I know you had mashed potato, but damn, that made me want potato salad! Bit of a shame since a) it's nearly midnight here, too late to start making some, and b) I don't have any baby potatoes (not even sure I've got enough mayo).

But it's something to try tomorrow, or at least at the weekend. Thanks!

I hope the teeth/mouth pain goes down soon, and you get used to the braces - can't be fun!

(sorry for being late, I was away for a bit and then really busy!)

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