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OH MY STARS! Everything is amazing-all of those beautiful smiling faces, those friggin cute campers, those baubles! I'm so glad you had such a fabulous time and I'm looking forward to seeing more photos! xo-Mel

Wonderful photos, Sweetie! I can see what a good time you must've had, judging by the excellent company, amazing teachers, and fabulous art supplies. You got a lot done, too.

Wow! What a great time!!! I took one little 2 hour class on Saturday and was over the moon. I can only imagine what I would do if I had 2 whole days!!!!! I would probably selfcombust....

They are a great threesome, and the girls you hooked up with are so marvelous!!
Your creations are divine!

Holey Moley! That looked fantastic from beginning to end and I would have loved to see some shots of everyone's stash! i am salivating at that bejeweled piece in the upper right hand corner of Cassondra's (photo) box...YUM!

what a wonderful time it looks like! Someday I'm going to venture to the west coast for a retreat...Looks spectacular!
glad you had lots of fun and made great memories!
xo natalea

Hey Michelle! I finally got home and went through all my goodies I got from Art and Ashland and decided that the little goodie packs that you gave out was my fave! So nice to have met you and spent time in Ashland! Great blog too!

Hi!! Wow-love all your pics. Jealous you got to hang with Kari-I need to meet her! I love the jewelry and charms you made-especially the turquoise-ish necklace. And cute pic of Miranda, the camper! See you soon!

Hi Michelle, it's Linda from Seattle and your pictures make me feel even more sad to have missed the Ashland class this summer. Last summer down there was such fun. This year family picnic had to come first as the uncles are all in the 80's and who knows what next year will bring. But I was sorry to miss this summer gathering.

Your pictures are great and it looks like everything you created turned out fabulous. Maybe next year Ana will do it again-on a different weekend.

The funny thing about life is this however, if I had been able to go to Ashland I would not be going to Teesha and Tracey's Odd Journaler's Workshop that starts tomorrow.

Keep up the fun posts and I hope you get to Artfest or Art and Soul in October. Linda

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