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What a lot of funness! (I know, not a word, but it seemed appropriate!) Your adventures to Ashland seem divine, and spending time w/your girlie the frosting on the cake!! Beautiful photo of Miranda!!

Fascinating story about Opal---I'd never heard of her before---now I want to know more! Have a great weekend---stay cool!

Hey Michelle! What lovely pix of you and the gals. How cool that you met Sally! I love everyone's creations. What a fun time! I'm so glad the banner is showing nicely now!

Sandy :)

Kari IS SO photogenic! Me, and my chins...not so much!
Love the pic of Miranda..what a perfect background for her!

That looked like an awesome time and I would have needed oxygen to survive the warehouse AND the cupcake soiree! You are so right about being happy when the kids are too... Just makes everything SO peaceful in life... I know that it is ok to get a tattoo now cause Artsy Mama has one! Woohoo! :)

Loving the new header, btw!

Oh Michelle! Your photos are so wonderful!! I had the same line up of classes at the Art Nest in Utah and I was in heaven! You spent time with some really amazing women, several of whom I count among my friends!
More, more more!'re awesome! Great post about Ashland! I wish we all could do this more often!!!

What beautiful work you all did!! One of these days ... I am going to make it to one of those events!!

Smiles, Joy~

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