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Have a fabulous escape!! Wave as you go by Hwy. 34 :)!

You are going to have such a great time! I love those charms. How clever of you!

Have a wonderful time, Michelle. I'm sure you'll create some beautiful art with all those fun goodies you're bringing along.

Oh Michelle,

Your supply boxes are dreamy-and those charms? Have a great time! I can't wait to hear all about it!


Can't wait to see what you create, and read all about the fun. enjoy!

How exciting! Have a great time! Hug your pillow when you miss your man:)Hope your teeth don't annoy you while you're there too!

Sandy XOX

Helt Fantastik! I should be at your house sitting in the craft roon to make sure everything is ok while you are cannot leave all of that fabulosity alone for a week! I love the boxes and pre-planning you did and the charms are sick! hugs and have a great time with Cassondra, Kari and Bailey! :)

ooh! I am so jealous. I hope you are having a great trip! And I hope your goodies and swaps are just as fun for PDX! What can I say? I am greedy. Just read about Poppy & Ivy, Portland at Is that on our list? Hmm? Please? (insert whiny kid sounds here).

Michelle - Hope you're having a great time! I just love your supplie boxes stashed with treasures for the making! Oh, and those mica charms; to die for!

Hi Michelle!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your wonderful sweet comment! It was great to see you in Ashland. I really enjoyed talking with you. I love your blog! Take care and April will be here before we know it!! I look forward to seeing you there! ; )

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