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so cute. awful nicknames? tinsel teeth, tin grin
actually they're kind of cute though. tinsel teeth--sounds like an art workshop!

Never once have I noticed your crooked teeth but congratulations, you are SO BRAVE. Nicknames? That of a family pet goldfish comes to mind even though JAWS did not have braces. Also, I think metal head is kind of cool. I'm going to stop here and give someone else a chance. Love you!

I agree with Renee - I never once noticed anything "wrong" with your teeth. But, like Glen has said, if you makes you happy, then it makes me happy. You are so adorable!

CUTE! Braces just make a person look about 12 years old!! Good luck with your new brace adventure---I too have never noticed anything wayward about your teeth...

But you smiled so beautifully all weekend long at AIA! Maybe the pleasure of constantly creating just overcame all other concerns, yes?

How about Zipperlips? Train Tracks?

I hope the ache has subsided by now. It's kinda hard to ignore discomfort in your mouth, isn't it.

You're so cute with or without metal in your mouth :)

Ohhhh I feel your pain. I've been able to avoid braces, but my kids haven't! Annie is done, Natalie is in phase one and Lauren is getting evaluated in the spring. We make LOTS of frozen smoothies at our house.
Lovein that new haircut of yours...SO cute!! Can't wait to hear about Ashland!!!

Milk shakes are good when you teeth hurt, but you may end up finding those 3 pounds!!

Hi Michelle...

What a neat date to remember for something you've wanted to change. Good picture of before and after. My daughters did'nt like the first week or so but were happy to have them. They both felt so glad to be able to have them since they also both had extra eye teeth, plus being crooked. I have some friends our age (I'm 47) who also just got braces Anyway, I'm happy for you and when you'll be happy with your new smile after your done.

I'll hop by again, to see what you have to share about your Art in Ashland. Missed the fun but was thinking of you all.


Nice grill! Ambisol ( or Baby Oragel) works wonders for numbing the areas where the metal irritates the skin or the gums are affected. Can't wait for the AinA photos!

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