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Ohhh Michelle, I love, love, love the new do!! If I am recalling correctly, you have always had long hair, or at least to your shoulders (if not beyond). This looks sooo good on you, but then again, how could it not?? It's got that beautiful face to frame! I'm thinking Ashley was better keep the ID handy with this do!! I've also noticed something and Miranda now look more like sisters than mother and daughter! Love you.

I hope you get this message, Michelle - since I don't have a typepad account. I'm on blogspot. If this post gets rejected, I will e-mail you directly. However, I digress. Your hair is AMAZING. And, I can see the little, sweet imp peering out at me - the same one that shows you about six (?) years old.

Ilene Harris

All Hail Ashley!
She worked her magic on you!!
Now THAT is fun hair!!!You look like you could get into some serious trouble (cough cough) 'FUN' there girlfriend!
Love it! Love it! Love it!

You look MA-VALOUS darling!

He he all are making me blush...(such sweetness!) Thank you! Hugs and a great big mmmmwwwaaahhh! :-)

Wunderbar! Excellent style for you. I'll just bet that you feel ever so 16 :)

Great hairdo!! You look very cute and with it (is that a dated phrase?)

You look darling! Way to go bad girl!! You are all set for Ashland now. Hope you won't give up the flip flops!

Hugs, Kim

I thought I come out of my hiding and comment on your BEAUTIFUL hairstyle. OMG, I totally adore this NEW DO of yours!!!!!! Wow, oh wow!! I am not kidding you---YOU look GORGEOUS! Love Malou

Damn, Mama looks GOOD!
Of all the times to be "on assignment" in Idaho; this will be a very long two weeks. Gotta get home to see my hot young bride!

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