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Have a great time- I decided not to go this year- I'm miss my peeps!

I'm going, too!

I so wish I were going. You'll have to take a gazillion pix for me!!!

yeah!! so glad you are coming!!
see ya soon,


Me too! See Ya then!

You lucky girl!! We are so 'wedding poor' right now. It will take a year to recover from Annie's uber shindig! I've GOT to save my pennies for ArtFest!!

YEA! Art in Ashland AND Silver too!! Do you already have a roomiE? I got my room booked, but not my flight yet.........

Yes, I'll be there again!!!

I'll be there!! can't wait!! xo natalea

Last year was such a great time, no way I'd miss it this year!!

See you then.

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