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Lookit that thriving garden! I see lettuce......what's that climbing up the lattice? Beans?

You really did score with those garage sail finds! Lucky Gal.

And the CAT event will be lucky to have your shiny creations :)

Happy Sunday, Sweets!

Such a fun glimpse into your life! Loved peering into your fridge---mmm artichoke hearts! Think I'll get more next time I'm at Costco too. Those raspberries look divine, and what a bunch of cool garage sale treasures! I call it garage sailing too. And yes, it's way too hot yesterday and today!

WoW! Looks like you have quite the stash of goodies there!! Only 19 days til I leave for Art in Ashland!!! Except I just found out the my roomie isn't going to be able to go. She was coming from LA to Lodi, and we were going to drive together from here, and split the gas. So, that means that the room and the gas will be double what I had hoped for...bummer! I did post on the message boards, so maybe I will find someone to share with at the last minute. We'll see.

I wish I could go to an art fest! An Iced tea maker? Those charms are lovely and those finds are *sigh*...

Lovely pics of your day and looks like you had some great finds at the garage sale.

Love You and Love the pendants...very much, hint hint...birthday comin' up, hint hint ; )

what a fun day!! so jealous you got to go thrifting while i was held hostage. grr.

PS - did you see there are 3 people on 12 of 12 from Beaverton? interesting...if Claudine had played there would have been 4. one step closer to world domination...evil laugh....

Oh, my gosh! As much as I love good "junk", I'm totally envious of your raspberries! Beautiful necklace Michelle...

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