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And a Happy 4th of July to you and yours Michelle! I just looked at the 2005 cul-de-sac blowout pics....ahhh, the memories. Was it 2004 when I was there? (I can't remember, I've slept since then). That was such a good time (from the parts I remember). I think we learned a very important lesson that night....that some bottles of margarita mix already come with tequila in them...oops!!

I think the last time I did anything on the 4th was when I was there. That is, until tonight. David and I are accompanying some of his coworkers from the Sheriff's Dept. to a BBQ/party extravaganza at the Robert Wall Winery here in town. There's going to be live music and watermelon eating contests, etc., all the fun Americana type stuff. I'm really looking forward to it.

My love to all,

Happy 4th to you & yours too! We're feasting with the Uncle & family tonight, kids off playing elsewhere. Have a great neighborhood bash!

Happy 4th Doll.

Happy Fourth Girl! Can't wait to see you soon. . .

Hugs, Kim

Happy Independence! I hope you have a ton o'fun with your neighbor/friends!......and hope you feel 100% soon.

Have a great weekend, Friendie :)

Happy 4th-ing!

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