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Oh Michelle, these LO's are great!! I love all of them, the birds are very cool, too! I am jealous of you going to Art in Ashland--is that Anahata's thing?

She is the best teacher!

thank you for gracing the pages of my beautiful birds book,delicious!

Wish I lived in the States so I could join Art in Ashland and all the other seminars. I love all your collaborative pages!


Love your bird art, and your beautiful mermaid charm. :)

They are beautiful! I love the carved stamp in the background, very nice. I've been a bit addicted to stamp carving since Anne Bagby's class - I wanna have boxes full of them like she does :-)

You're such an artistic expeditionary! Look at all those pages you did. So courageous with your creativity. Very inspiring, Sweetie :)

I wish I were going to Ashland!

Oh such lively creative fun you've been having and sharing! And even more to come!! Can't wait to see your new hair---I'm going in next week to finally have my star hair person help me out. 'Til then, I get to put up w/my darling calling me shaggy....

Michelle....they look great!!

FANtastic! I love the bead berries! I always feel so ashamed at saying that I don't have time to create when I see all of the activities and seminars that you participate in! Send some talent and training to Sweden!

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