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I bow down to you Oh Master of Storage, your room is AWESOME, or how shall I say "CRAFTALICIOUS" hope to see it some day! Should have you come down here and organize me!

whoa....that's some serious storage! I love what Glen made you...that shot looks like the photo was taken in a shop! :)

You are very organized, I love the old cigar boxes they are beautiful on the shelves.

Wow! I would love to have my own room -so cool. Can I come and play? lol


Those cubes are so nice! I need to rethink my space during my vacation this summer. The hubbs has only his desk and a small bookcase on top but I have plans for the underside, lol!

You have lots of neat stuff & you've organized it beautifully!

oh how i do love your studio...!! so fun to se how you organize everything - such eye candy, thanks for sharing!!

You are totally unbelievable! This is my dream set-up. (If you see my space, you know I am NOT living my dream!) Love the custom cabinet and the steel plates are brilliant! Is that something like a Home Depot buy? I have run out of wall, with either shelves or windows blocking the path! I LOVE that one! Thanks for the visit -- I hope you stop by to visit me, too!

Oh you sound just like me. I am obsessed with re-doing and rearranging my *crafty things*...I am in the midst of a craft room re-do right now..I need my eye candy to create so I have to get going and finish it or else! I did not join this week...but you have given me so many fun ideas...I'll be back to check on things for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Playing catch-up---first off I love lists too! My Mom always had her daily to do list, I've taken on that habit also! Along with numerous other lists scattered here & there on library receipts, grocery receipts, backs of envelopes...

You are the queen of storage!! Amazing use of space, and love all your goodies displayed so colorful & luscious! Funny---I have that same storage cabinet your friend Andrea gave you---but I'm sorry to say you have it upside down!! - ok, maybe it's just that I have mine upside down?! Mine hangs on the wall above my scrap (crap...) table with the cupboard doors on top of the drawers! Love it!

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