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Hey, I enjoyed that so much.

I love these posts about your day. Such a cool idea. It's nice to see your work buddies, and your dinner, and your new jewelry organizer!

That crack cola sounds tasty.
Chicken salad looks good too, but not sure what faux chicken is?? Soy product?

Thanks for sharing your day (and the Taco Salad Gang too)!

Wow! I'm glad I just got caught up...still unclear on the peony reference. Do we have to eat faux chicken? That sounds scary. I LOVE the jewelry organizer and also the Fiestaware I spy.

Looks like a blissful day - frantic doggies under diggers notwithstanding. I've tagged you for this 6 word memoir thing - more info
Take care!

I wanna see the circle journals! your blog header is beautiful and I love the idea of a Taco Salad Gang!

lovely pics of your day, the strawberries and cherries look yummy. I can imagine the cats just having to go and investigate ... LOL, Lisa (UK 12 of 12er)

Oh I really like your jewellery organiser! Very clever, and saves the chains getting tangled when they lie flat on a shelf or something. And mmmm, strawberries - yummy!

Helen (12er)

what a fun insight to your day! great 12 of 12, keep em coming!

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