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Aargh - I seem to be in the same phase with blogging - congrats on the decision to get back to your degree. I'm going back to school in the fall too - we can cheer each other through assignments!

I am so glad for you...what are you going back to school for? what do you do now?...

I wish you all kinds of great things!!!



Art in Ashland is only a little over a month away!! I am starting to get more excited now!!!!!

Ah yes, blogging breaks, house breaks, busy with life, all good! Thanks for the painting advice---I mentioned it to Brad & Eliza last night during dinner & they both whole-heartedly agreed with your suggestions! Guess they don't care for that graphic diagonal I thought looked rather cool at first, considering how that was the background shadow---I agree, it's rather odd & distracting! Hoping to remedy it this afternoon---stay tuned! Have a great weekend!

Aha! We DID break up! Two blog posts and not a single email from you-waaa! Going back to school-how cool- do you get new clothes and shoes and a new backpack? That would be a good excuse for me! What are we studying? I would love to go back to school and study art history or French, or something I really like, not just something I 'do' or 'did,' like journalism.

Good luck with all that!

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