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Hello & Happy Summer and woo-hoo for you!

Happy Solstice to you too! We're making a potluck dish to take to a solstice party in a little bit---taking a break while the rice/quinoa cook. Enjoy the extra light tonight!

your happiness makes me happy every time I click on your blog! smoochies 2 u for that!

Hi Michelle,

Well, I'm newbie virgin charmer no more. Two swaps later, I just signed up for a third one. HMMMMMM....

I guess I'm addicted.

Ilene Harris in Fortuna

Way to slim down, Girl! Woo-Hoooie! I'm glad you had a great weekend :)

Hello again and congrats again! One of my cohorts just got a response from LK L. Not good, but got one. FYI

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