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The charms are fantastic! Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work in both areas!

Ack, those Avenue Q puppets just look scary to me! Did you go? I'm sure it was a riot, but I've never been a Sesame St. fan...eek! Lovely charms, and terrific find at the garage sale---you're "moo" card is fantabulous! Did you see their announcement you can make biz cards now with your images?! Seriously considering that....

It was so good to see you the other day---albeit in passing---
your mermaid charm is beautiful!!!
Hope your summer is going well!

Michelle, you are nuts and maybe bolts too!
Your visits just crack me up and I'm glad you were inspired.
Your mermaid charm is so sweet as all of your swaps have been. Also, congrats on your fall school decision.

wow, you've got a lot going on in a few short posts! losing some weight (awesome!), braces (wow! be prepared to feel like you are 12 years olds again!), going back to school (great!), addiction to charms swap waning (boo!) and house cleaning (another boo!)
love ya!

Wow. Those pendants are just drop-dead gorgeous!!!!! :D And congrats on your FIND!!!

I just love your charms; I hope I get one! That cigar box (no less) of nuts and bolts is a dream! I see some serious recycled finds in your art and jewelry making. Congrats on all your great news: braces, weight loss and school! Reward yourself with some new school shoes, clothes and a cigar box packed with art supplies!!

OHHHH....I love the charm for the Jewel Swap! I'm in that swap as well!!!

I have a few screws loose myself, but I think your treasure is delightful!!!

laughing at the nuts and bolts find (very cool by the way!)...
In high school that was a cheer that my hubs made up"
Nuts and bolts!
Nuts and bolts!!
(insert cheerleader squeal and a herky)

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