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Wow, that's quite a lot of grungey goodness, from the Queen of Trying New Things :)

Impressive charm bracelet collection! I like how you have them displayed

Happy Thursday !

I LOVE the pencil charms...very cool! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Sex and the City movie...I'm starting to want to go see it now!

You are amazing! Love your charms...really admire your active creativity!
As for me, I am still stuck within the task of cleaning-up my space (inspired by your previous post! LOL).
While I couldn't get myself to sit down a get into the process of 'making,' it was SO good just to see my 'stuff' and find things I'd forgotten about.
Big hugs girlfriend!

Love those! And speaking of charms, Oh Queen of Charms!.....there is a new charm swap over on Hodge podge by Amanda!!!

WOW those charms are awesome! Love them all!

Love the pencil charms - thank you for visiting me at MaggieGrace.

Love the pencil stubs---that's quite a collection you've amassed! Where ever did you find so many in such great grunge shape? Very clever :)

I LOVE your charms! At Artfest in 2007, I got enough charms for a necklace!!!

I know exactly! what you mean about SATC- it was so heartwarming. I think it was a handbook on the whole Mars-Venus thing. I wish men would see it! Adrienne and I went Monday.

PS-How'd you get those little pencils so grubby?! Just darling!

Love those grungey charms...and I love the sea charms as well. Lots of good stuff going on everywhere! PS...the bracelet is so lovely with all the charms put together!

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