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Michelle forgot to mention that last Tuesday was election day in Oregon (even tho' we have Vote By Mail here) and we went to FIVE election night parties! Amazing stuff, very exciting, most of our chosen candidates won their primaries and we hob-nobbed with lots of great Dem pols. My kind of fun!
Oh, and the seashell thing she made is very cute. Have fun with it!

Don't you just love all the charms? I love mine too - your little bottle was so cute.
Your mermaid journal is awesome! I love all the neat touches. That sign in page is a great idea. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Have a good day!


The seashell thing is "cute"!
I envy the level of commitment your friends have to you!

Oh My Goodness, if that journal got sent to my house you would so never ever ever see it again! Yes, I would steal it! That is so awesome, love, love, love it!

wowza, you outdid yourself on that one! cant wait to see it in person!

Hey 'Shell, love the shell. Leave to you to come up with a shell-shaped journal, you original thinker, you. Looks wonderful.

I know what you mean about not wanting to turn on computer after work. I feel the same about listening to music after a full day of teaching it.

P.S. Five election parties? Whoa!

I love all the charms and the way they look on the bracelet. I can't wait to see it in person at A & S. Love too the mermaid book. It is precious!


Are you going to Portland also? There are so many great people going. I too will be there... which classes are you taking?

Great charm bracelet. And I can't believe you didn't tell us about all those election night parties. You party animal....or maybe Glen is the party animal.
Anyway, your new journal is so clever and I see you have signed up for more and more swaps and such. Time, where do you find the time?

Holy cow! That journal is to die! for! How long 'til you get it back again? I can't wait to see it IRL and your bracelet too! Fellow list maker here...should start list of what I'm eating or not going to eat....

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