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Congrats on the great garage sale!! Yeah!! Did it get up to 100 degrees?? I stopped looking when it got to 95 -- because I had to go find a cool place to hole up in :) Our house was cooking!

Pix Patisserie looks wonderful!! Those desserts they offer are just decadent!

Michelle fails to mention that I sold one of my numerous guitars, an old Harmony bass for $43. Hey, where IS my $43?
And Sen Obama's event was amazing, in all my years of politikkin' I have never been to a big Presidential rally (well, John Edwards late last year at the Union Hall, about 2500 folks) and this was amazing.
Watch here:

Yay for awesome garage sales and nay for hot weather!

Woo hoo on the garage sale!! But 100 degrees!?! ack.... I really need to declutter big time around here...

Been way too long since I checked in with you! I too had a garage sale, lots of work but I made just over $400 on all my baby crap I finally got to get rid of woot woot! It was beautiful, 75 degrees both days here, not to rub it in ;) I'm so sorry for your loss of Tommy, I lost my best boxer dog, Vegas, in January and I'm sad to say the house (or mostly my bed) is still feeling empty...sigh. But I have 2 more to give me kisses!

Holy Moly, seems you've been as busy as I've been... it doesn't seem to end does it?! Sounds like fun busy tho, (although I would not like to have been out garage selling last weekend---it was TOO HOT!!!) & now we're back to early spring this weekend---burr! We might light up the wood stove tomorrow... Speaking of Obama---Eliza got to have another spontaneous visit with the fella---& his wife last Saturday while they were passing thru Eugene!! Such excitement!!!

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