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omg I heart lists too and you just reminded me to dust off my list making abilities and start using them more. woohoo you just made me so happy. hehelala

Well, this certainly does sound familiar. My Mom was a listmaker and I've followed in her footsteps. My problem is that once I've made the list, I think I've already accomplished the items on it :)

Lili's comment is the reason why I no longer make lists -- she has just helped me feel so normal!

OMG! I thought I was the ONLY one who did this!! I even make a list of the lists I need to make LOL!! I get teased a lot for this, but it's a habit passed down by my ma...I even have old lists of hers written on the back of old envelopes...priceless.
You're my kinda girl!!

You are a girl after my own heart! I have lists on yellow, lined note paper (my fav), the backs of receipts, scraps of paper, pretty note pads bought for me as gifts (see, even my family knows I make lists. They also know notepads make a wonderful gift for me). These list are everywhere, and once everything is checked off, into the trash they go. Yes, even the pretty paper. Only to be followed the next day but yet more lists...
From one list make to another...

So very happy to know I'm not the only list maker out there. I've been keeping a list of new words our baby says while hubby is serving overseas. While I'd love to journal so many things -- lists just seem so much more practical these days. Thanks for sharing!!!



Sans the neosporin, that could SO be my list!!! We are SO connected these 5,000 miles apart!

It's so organized and pretty!

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