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I've heard that the best way to deal with grief is to be with it when it comes. That is when you will get the most spiritual support. Those that try to escape the tears end up having to deal with the pain eventually, often wasting a lot of time in diminishing the quality of their lives.

I know that's not your way, though. You're an emotional savant :)

Glad you found some meaningful meditation time

Ohh, my sweet Shelster....I didn't read your blog last night, and had I, I would have known about Tommy's passing. I am so sorry for your loss. I remember him from my visit there, and yes, he definitely was an equal opportunity lap cat. I know you will have lots of loving memories of him but you should know, that he was one very lucky cat, to have been with his family for so many years, and to be so loved and cared for. I wish all cats could say such a thing.

I know finding the labyrinth was no "accident". It was meant for you to find. The peace we all seek lies within us, we just have to learn how to allow it to be an active part of us. (I'm speaking to myself now). Now where did I put that box of Kleenex???........

Awwww, Michelle, I'm so sorry about Tommy. It sounds like he had a good long life, but that doesn't make it any easier to let them go. I'm glad you found peace in the Labyrinth and the DailyOm.

A & S was a blast, and yes, I am going to Portland in October! See you there?


i absolutely believe in being guided by the universe. i love how it looks out for us, and am often looking up, going, "Thank you Universe!"I really am.

i've heard amazing things about labyrinth...

i have also renewed my devotion to my meditation practice since Morris was killed...mainly to help move me through the phases of grieving...i hit resistance quite easily and i need all the support i can get.

thank you for sharing your loss with us...i need the support of others that are traveling this helps give space to the pain and fear.



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