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I really like your 12 by 12 pics it's so cool! Thanks for sharing w/us. Cool to see Glen's name on the ballot.

My Michelle, going about her day. Good for you for using the bus as much as possible. We've been doing that too. The price of gas makes it easy.

Atty's so cute!

Happy Wednesday
Love, Lilli :)

Enjoyed this SO much!!

Senor Tubbo Bubbo is mighty cute, and those are great photos of him in the sink! And yay for hubby's name on the ballot! I hope he wins!!

Helen (12er)

I voted for Glenn, well he was the only choice!

I took a picture of my ballot, where I voted for Obama that is. Totally going to scrap it :)

familiar site to see your cat in the sink - i used to have a persian who would do the same thing. She would curl up in shoes boxes too.


Such a great glimpse into the day of Ms. Michelle! Thanks for sharing & good job remembering to take pics throughout the day---I'd start something like this, then hit the sack at night, suddenly realizing I forgot to finish!

have you seen the website You should submit your pictures!

Your kitty is so cute!
P.s. my husband is a technical writer!! It is very interesting living with a tech. writer!!
Smiles, Joy~

Love the cat in the sink! I miss having cats.....

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