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loved browsing your blog and thought I'd leave a comment, I dream of being able to buy extra lovelies to create with, but on my student budget and husband who just got on disability it's not happening any time soon. This is so generous of you, what a fabulous thing to do,
thanks for the chance

I'm actually commenting for a friend. She has just started scrapbooking and this would be just the thing! I've given her some goodies of my own but this would be a great 'starter.'

She just got her own apartment after a very nasty breakup and THEN had to do major car repairs. Her fund for fun is nil. This would be a great pick-me-up!

Thanks!! Stephanie

how generous of you! i am a student mum who has just had a beautiful baby boy, my husband has had to put his studies on hold so we can live. (i am in australia so understand if your stash it forward cant be sent this far :) ) i am new to scrapping and have little products to work with, but LOTS of great moments in need of preserving!

donna :) xx

I would love this for my sister-in-law. She is a vet student and money and time are really tight but she makes the most beautiful things. It would be fun to suprise her with a box of goodies! Great idea!

Lurked over from Em's blog. YOu two are sweeties! I am doing Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and don't have a budget for scrap goodies. And won't until all the medical bills are paid. So this would make my day, no wait, more like my month! THanks again for the chance.

well having baby #3 in the next wk or so... no cash in the budget for scrap supplies. need to get important stuff like diapers & wipes. darn it. but looking forward to holding new bundle of joy & talking lots of pictures to scrap soon. mari

this is such a neat idea. everyone in bloggy land is so generous! count me in!

I LOVE this idea & when in the future I have some extra green laying around I will be sure to have a stash it forward of my own :) I am a SAHM living on a buy nothing challenge. Thanks for the chance to win your stash!

Sam @ Loving Green

There is a friend of mine that has no money at all! without job but loving scrapbooking! Please, help me to make her happy!!! She's called LUNAMAOOO :)

great to meet you at ArtFest. I'm so going to try making the flash cards...(I didn't get a trade, but love what I saw in person and on your blog).

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