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What a beautiful inspiring place! You're a lucky gal! Can't wait to see more :)

wow...sounds a m a z i n g and i'm so jealous i didnt get to go. One day I promise myself to make it happen. Until then I will read all about your adverntures and live vicariously. Show us more please...

Wow! What an amazing event. I am so glad you went, and had such a wonderful time. I look forward to all your posts about it. Oh, and Fort Worden is so beautiful, it reminds me of something out of a Nicholas Sparks book. Most of his stories are set in North Carolina, but the way he describes them I actually visualized Fort Worden, before I even knew Fort Worden existed. Good to have you home Shelster!


What can I say girl? It was wonderful to meet you and if I seemed a little put off at times, it was cause I didnt want to start crying! OMG - thanks so much for trades and the patch was so thoughtful! And then to get a journal from you - amazing! I am glad you got to hang out the last night and I look forward to coming to Portland sometime! Sorry I missed saying goodbye.. you must have had to leave with Kecia. Can't wait to see more pics.
I got your circle journal when I got home and I hope to work on it this weekend - it will mean even more, now that I've met you.


come on and show us what you did!! don't keep teasing us!

what classes did you take?

can't wait to see!



it was so so wonderful to meet you michelle! you are a beautiful soul and i enjoyed reading your account and seeing your lovely pictures from artfest! it was such a great time :) and you are so sweet doing a stash it forward...thankyou!!

missing my portland friend! that was so much fun. especially cramming all my goodies into that box and suitcases! did you find the little goodie i left you?

ohhhh great post girlfriend! I love seeing the pictures of the fort and hearing the recap of the events. My gosh it was an amazing couple of days! So SO glad I got to meet you!! Now I have a name AND a face to remember! I'm caught up on sleep and reality is slapping me upside the head (oldest daughter+May wedding=bridezilla)...It was SO lovely while it lasted!
Thanks for posting the info on the faux flashcard...I LOVE mine!!! (and my littles think its cute)
Going to search for that font right now!!

your photos bring back the sea, so gorgeous! it was so fun seeing you again and i can't even wait until our big shopping day in portland. . . thank you for your encouraging comments about my creations, they sent me home just beaming!
xo julie

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