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this little wall hanging gift is SO sweet!
I am so glad you posted your artfest projects! and your book looks wonderful!!!!
I am home from Asilomar and feeling ready to lock myself in my studio for awhile so i can paint! ;-) I hope you are having a lovely day!

your fruit torte looks SO yummy!

Nothing makes my mouth water more than "Food Bling", the dessert looked great! I think you did a great job on the wall hanging, I hope the young lady loves it. Thanks for sharing your bling with us today!

Nice sparkles, but my fav is the fruit tart---yum! Great to hear all your good news this week---may the next week continue in that vein but without all this snow and hail!

just gorgeous!!!
look at all those jewels!!

it's a great gift. i bet she loves it! your bling is awesome. that's a great Goodwill you've got!

you have a lovely collection of pretty baubles:) i am thrifty too when it comes to buying bling, most of mine were purchased for $1.00...thanks for sharing your pretties today!!!

Beautiful collection! Love your favorite pin too. Port Townsend, WA is such a great town!

so you just whipped up this fantastic tart and amazing wall hanging...where do you find the time woman?!

i'm liking your bling!

pretty pieces!thank you for sharing!

That nest hanging is too delicious! She's bound to love it.

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