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Interesting Michelle factoids! I'm trying to picture how one would keep a pet python in the house. Presumably you didn't have the pet rat at the same time?

Love your peaceful pages. As ever, you are so creative and free with your art, Sweetie :)

so did Ratsy Grrrl & Baby have playdates? that would have been fun to watch, NOT.

and i really like your peace pages!

i love the doodle!
thanks for tagging me! you gave me an idea as to what I'll write about for one of my tags...yes, we share an oddidy in common...stay tuned!

Yikes! Tagged! Ok, give me 'til this weekend---been too busy working at OSU & helping Brad paint all week... barely time to visit my fav. blogs! Enjoyed reading your fun facts :). Also seeing your latest art works---Fun fun fun! Ok, off to start thinking...

too funny! You must have known it was love with that present! I love the doodles too~

i love those journal pages.
also, i've been looking for a good brush that i can write with...would you share the product info on the one you used to write your name (and all the quotes, same one?)

Love your random facts - seems like some of that would have come up at some point :-D
Beautiful journal pages - you're inspiring me to get back to mine.

My first job was as a telephone solicitor too...I think it didn't even last two weeks, yuck! I love the pearl brooch you picked up in Port Townsend (the one with the pearls), it looks like a little nest full of eggs!

okay, my 7 things are up!

I really, really love the lo you did for the peace cj!

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