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I am sure it is such a comfort to you knowing that your daughter is safe, and thriving! You sound so peaceful!
Best of luck to you on weight watchers-it feels so good to be in control of your life!!


You DO sound peaceful! It must be a load off your mind- always has been in the background, no? And to take control is always nice and just to take the time to just BE.

I am so happy for you.


Congrats on your decision to get healthy. I too started WW again this week. Looking forward to looking like the person I feel like inside!

Hope the move goes well,

I don't believe you have a daughter old enough to be living on her own, my goodness! I just loved Portland, I'll get the photos up soon - I didn't know you were based there. Your blog has inspired me to get my artfest stuff up asap - I know what you mean about the scrapbook paper. Congrats on WW and how good you are feeling with life, it's important.
K x

Ohhh...daughters...they sure give us a run don't they?
WW...gotta love 'em! I dropped 25 pounds for my mother-of-the-bride dress and still going strong...except for the cobbler and tiramisu at ArtFest...came home and planted kale to repent.
Then there's the macaroons for Passover all sitting there...waiting, waiting, waiting (maybe I should just drink the Seder wine first)
You sound good...calm, content...send some my way???

Can you believe the weather we are having?!! Snow and freak hail in April?!! Too Strange!

Oh, you are volunteering at CAT! I am so jealous. When my munchkins are bigger and in the school system and I have free time (lol!!) I so badly want to help out there. And ... it's just 5 min. from my house! I can't bring home any more furry babies because of hubby's allergies, but I am determined to do something to help out that wonderful facility. I will think of you when I drive past there!

Love the housewarming gift, the tart and the jewelry photos! Can I come play? Oh wait, I just might! Sent you an email-maybe we can be blog WW pals. I am not lactose-int-but similar scenario-not the topic for blog comments here-eek-what am I doing! I will say my dr. told me not to eat fruits, veg, protein, dairy, bread or bad carbs-not sure what that leaves- and not very practical! Good for you on all fronts. Will you be my life coach, SS and also nutritionist, oh yes, and art critic?!

what are you talking about? i hate that asshole! just kidding...i love everyone!

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