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oooo what lovely & yummy pages!

Wow, your pages turned out increadible, how fun to see you using all your new ideas! Great work chica!

Cool! I see some transfers in there! Looks good.


thank you for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all perfectly lovely with your beautiful cursive writing!

have you considered submitting your blog to that new peridical "Artistic Blogging" (or something like that I think...)? I would like you to do that. have to go biking through Italy...that would be so wonderful!

Gorge! Fab! And that photo transfer seems familiar like part of the first litter of our grandfather's offspring -- i believe it was among the other photos stored in that old cigar box. I hope to see more family photos utilized in your amazing work.

Wow, these are really gorgeous! Love your dream of biking thru Italy & all the paint & transfer textures---mmmmm, yummy!

Love all your art pieces here in your cj!

I am just soooo jealous in a good way and so happy for you-reading all the posts and pics since you've been back gave me goose bumps! Misty Mawn-yikes! Lynne Perella-eek! All your swaps-oy! Roommate Lilli-no fair! Okay, where do I horn in? What is your next venue? There some pretty cool instructors for the ZNE convention: Pam Garrison, Deb Trotter, Lisa Kaus, Kari Ramstrom, and more -- Anyway, I feel like we've lost touch so I hope we can come up with something to do both online and in person in the future!
PS-Are you STILL doing that thing?

Love those art journal pages!

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