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Hey Buddy! Can you believe we've been home for 5 days now? Was it all a dream?

Thanks for taking pix of me on the beach :)

omg! what awesome art you made!
and Lilli is so cute!
she's such a talent!!
you all sound like you had the time of your life.

Thank you my friend for sharing your beautiful art and fun times. I liked all of your classes...those whould have probably been my choices.

i'm going out to buy red rosin paper this afternoon!
anne bagby's beautiful papers class will be one of my choices next year
also will try again for misty mawn's (and anahata katkin's)
the book from misty mawn's class...are those canvas boards?
beautiful, beautiful work!
i missed the violin playing, was that thursday night? lilli, i hope to hear your playing next year.

wonderful stuff, great pictures! oh michelle i have missed you!!! life gets so gd busy, doesn't it?

Wow, what a lot of fun projects you made! Lots of paint, texture, all great!!

i love everything you shared...and I am happy to see you stretch yourself into another color scheme...i have a hard time doing that...can be scary....

I love to watch Misty work...she's so present and "in the process"...

Everything is truly wonderful!

Awesome art! Glad you had a blast at ArtFest!!

Looks like a fabulous time! Love to see your photos!

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