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Great photo concept. It's one way being in the moment, celebrating all of our daily blessings.

Can I call you Kitty Cuddler yet? :)

I was wondering what the 12/12 thing was thanks for explaining!!!
cat cuddling sounds soooo good!

How is that rice milk? I've been tempted to try it.

Cute kitty. Looks like my cat, Chase.

Thanks for sharing.

Well, I exceeded the 12 on the 12th---shooting 89 pics yesterday... First batch---car photos, 2nd batch---friend's daughter in a pageant. I like the glimpse into your day though---fun to see the everyday part of life, not just artsy pics or events! Wasn't it lovely here yesterday? Amazing weather!

good luck with the cat adoption team, that little fellow looks gorgeous! Looks like you had a great day, thanks for sharing, Lisa (UK 12 of 12er)

He, I like the pix of the 2 guys dancing! Love all the pictures you have taken for your 12x12.

What great pix! Thanks for sharing your day with us. :)

Pacing's a good thing to learn lol - it's harder on a weekday 12 of 12 (assuming it's a day you work). I was in London and took about 198 photos on the Saturday lol!

Welcome to 12 of 12, it was great to see a little into your day, and the wedding sounds a hoot, to judge by the dancing! Hope you enjoyed the 12 of 12, and come back!

(I'm late to commenting as I got back late on the 14th, which is why my 12 of 12 was up late)

Helen (Dogeared)

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