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Hey Girl~

Check my blog :)

So beautiful Michelle! I didn't know that I should/could have/might give a gift to our wonderful hostess. I should have known better! I was so thrilled with the gifts that came from my swap partner (Elise) and the friendship I expect will continue long after we've used up the sea-swap stuff we exchanged!

I have really enjoyed catching up in Blog Land.
Yes, I loved the Mermaid swap, one of the best.
Hugs from N.Z.

That is a lovely bottle and those gifts were just the best! You were so nice as a hostess and I am sure that you deserved all of that and more for the work! Those green soldered beads were fantastic! I could taste Glen's pastrami sandwich over here. Having been raised on them and cornbeef and cabbage, I think I may be missing something after from home!

Hi Michelle!
That mermaid bottle is so beautiful----what are you going to do with it???
I love your blog---always very inspiring!

I was at the artnest with Pam and Anahata, and she suggested using one of those calendar journals!The price is great! Have so much fun with it!

What wonderful stuff Michelle! It's fun that you found that mermaid bottle! Isn't it always the case that once something is on the mind we tend to see it all over the place?! xo natalea

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