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Love these facts about you, Michelle. I like number 4 and 6

Michelle, I'm with you on the whole "finishing up" things! I think mine has more to do with moving things out...making room for more!
have a great day! xo natalea

This was so fun to read! I love learning little quirky things about people---it's what makes us all individuals!

You should move here...we have to sort cardboard from newspaper, plastic, metal cans, light bulbs, batteries and colored glass from is just a riot because you then have to take ALL of your sorted stuff to the recycle stations...there is no curb service here, 'cept for the compostable stuff.

ooooo, Ive been tagged ~ yea! and you ARE a weirdo trying to save the planet with your crazy recycling and all. i dont have to sort out anything cept glass. they take it all away in one container and I LOVE it TOO!

YEAH!! I totally know what you mean about finishing stuff. mmm. love that, rinsing it out and putting it in the bag for recycling. yay!

Hi-your random facts cracked me up! Especially the handwriting one-that is totally something I would do. And, your post reminded me I got that little award last weekend from Kris Hubick and forgot to pass it on-I was a little swamped trying to get out the door! So, I may just let it ride....PS -We say Good Stuff Maynard all the time because we used to have a cat named Maynard. PPS- Coach has a new bracelet in their latest spring catalog called "Miranda."

tagged, ok I'll have to compile my list. Loved to read about your random weird facts. Though not everyone may think they are weird.

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