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I still want one of the Hold Dea! I cannot wait to see the new ones, as I love mine so much, I forget to give them away!!!!

Hey Cat Lady! I'm sure you'll love your new volunteer job, and that 'they' will love you.

See you in two days!!

that's awesome, Michele - good for you. our spca is just now implementing a volunteer program and i was told to check back soon (you'd think they'd start a list....) but anyway, you will be good for all those kitties.


I popped over to extend an invitation to a blog event I am hosting on Thursday, March 20, 2008, An Easter Parade, in celebration of the first official day of Spring and Easter. A give away will be held in conjunction with the event. For full details see todays blog post. I hope to see you there!

you could call them meow cards!
congrats on the volunteer position. the kitties will be so happy!

Just want you to know we have had lots of fun over here with the mean kitty song. Lot's of heartwarming laughs, thank you!

Oh, you will have such kitty cat fun. A few years ago I volunteered at the Multnomah Animal Shelter working with the kitty cats. Did that for a year. It was tough not to bring them home with me. They just tug at your heart strings. I'm not to sure how my two at home would have felt.
Melissa :)

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