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Hey Buddy~

So great to see these pix of yours, reading things from your perspective. Of course, I wouldn't call the 'u's superfluous :)

Miss you already, but I guess I can wait two weeks, eh?

You'll are just having all the fun.

Miss Sandy here, I am so glad you had fun hippity hopping around the Easter Parade! Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed Easter!

You and Lilli look like twins! And what a fun trip this looks like and noooooooo, you can't stop blogging (maybe just slow down a tiny bit)....Lookit how you met Lilli! (And me for that matter!) Happy days, Gina (Who is not :( going to ArtFest)

Looks like a wonderful time! I LOVE Vancouver and the Granville Island Market!

Hello Michelle....I hope I run into you at ArtFest. You better believe I am gonna order that book...sounds wonderful.

What fabulous fun! Glad your trip to Vancouver was so great---love traveling and seeing new things! Beautiful Roses!!! Happy anniversary!


Can't wait to meet you too! The countdown is on - yikes! I have a lot to do!


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