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Hey Swapaholic, you've got it bad! Or maybe Good :) I can see how each bracelet will be so unique, and with the participants' soul in them.

Have fun with X!

You have a wonderful blog & I love your trades for ArtFest. I hope I can find you!

all the charms are looking good! so when do you have time to attend CA meetings? (charmed anonymous.....)see you so soon!

woohoo! So cool! Save me one! And I get a by the sea charm too! YAY!


holy moly girlfriend! you've been busy! lovin' your trades!!
ok...must confess, i've never done charms myself, but after seeing all those lovelies, it could be the start of a new obsession.(shhhhh! don't tell the hubs...he's still in shock over my scrapbooking phase)

love,love your do you do those owls? also love the mermaid bottles! Will have to make a stop at Collage in Portland on my great Northwest tour after Artfest!
See you soon!

p.s. just love your photo of you as a little girl...cute, cute!

Your charms are fabulous, Michelle!!!
Have so much fun at ArtFest!!

And RIGHT when I get back from ArtFest, first thing I'm gonna do is started on some projects...
Ummm, I hope that's the second thing your gonna do...

Ooh! Are you in my Hampton charm swap? I didn't think you were....hope you got my long reply of the other day...who knows with my email. I didn't mail you anything for A&S-that will give me an excuse to try to go next year. I spoke to Miss Vicky on the phone today who has been and who knows Teesha well and has taken a class with the O'Briens. Did I mention I am sooo jealous of you lady? Have a great time!! I will be on vacay April 4-14, but I will have my trusty laptop surgically attached to my hand when I go.

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