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That's great that Miranda is back and doing well. Can't wait to see the new computer that you are going to get, is it a MAC per chance? We can ichat!!! woo-hoo! Love that window sign from AE I love window displays they are so creative. How cool is that.

Oopps, forgot ExCITED for you that you are going to see Lilli and Steve!!!


So Excited !

Chocolate cherry panini! Darn, that sounds good.

Funny how long people wait to upgrade their computers, and yet you can get them pretty cheaply secondhand or at an office auction or at discount computer places. You're gonna be zooming along at high speed soon!

Enjoy your happy happy day, give our Love to Glen and Miranda and the kitties :)

well, dang girl - aren't you the lucky girl! a trip to Vancouver to see precious friends and a new computer - oh AND you get to work in your garden! what is your new computer gonna be? I'd love an apple - one of those super stream line ones with the massive screen! wow, we are going to see each other soon, huh?

sounds like a yummy weekend ahead!

Michelle, glad you got to spend some Valentines time with your daughter!! Also, How exciting that you get to go up and visit Lilli! She is just sooo sweet! It's so nice that you've become such good met through blogging, right? That will be a blast! xo natalea

Sweet Valentine's, fun travel plans & a new computer too? Oh yeah, life is good!

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