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You two mermaids certainly did well for each other. Maybe because you both have 'shell' in your names? You might have to convert your upstairs linen closet into a treasure room :)

Michelle, what great stuff! Michele has such good taste! And she's the sweetest ever! I've swapped with her before and she's awesome! Great stuff! What a fun swap it was!
xo natalea

Thank YOU for hosting such a wonderful swap! I got my package today and I too have been SPOILED!!! Pop over to my blog to see everything! Hugs!Sandy

what wonderful mermaid goodies - bummed I didn't know about this swap - I heart mermaids!!!

Wow Michelle! You must be one happy mermaid! Gorgeous mermaid goodies!!

BTW: Loved your comment a few posts down about the "so special" syndrome LOL! That is the perfect name for that!

wowza! goodies sent & received. gosh I love swaps. this one was terrific, thanks for all the fun~!

Beautiful treasures! Thanks so much for hosting this swap. It was my first, and I had a blast!

Pretty pretties! Looks like a fun swap!

mmmmm! fun fun stuff!

What a haul and I am SO embarrassed compared to the little I had to share :(

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