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How nice of Natalea! What a perfect gift to enhance your mermaid-hosting experience. Very thoughtful of her.

There are some things in your list that I definitely did not know about you. You are a fascinating woman :) I'll let you know if I feel like playing.

Natalea rocks!! what a sweetie!
i like your 5 things list. fascinating indeed..

I totally loved reading the random things about you....How cool you won for the wolf howling contest!!!

Michelle, thanks for playing along! I love reading random facts about my blog friends! But I swear I wouldn't have thought you a day over 35!!! Congrats on being married for 24 years! OMG! I need you to write me a handbook on how you do it!! I've only been married 5 years and, well, we won't go there!! HA! I'm so happy you liked the book!! xo natalea

Hey!! I am hosting a swap Come join me! love to have you!

What a fabulous gift from Natalea! She is so sweet and just the nicest person. Your five random things were a blast to read. I don't know which one I grinned harder over, your fame as a wolf howler or as the vocal entertainment for 800 people! :)

Your mermaid swap is heating up, girl! The flickr photos are just amazing!!

Michelle, Your mermaid pieces are so beautiful!
Thank You so much for the Spring Clothesline Swap info~ you are a true sweetheart!

I love this book Michelle. I also own it. Glad had fun with your family.

Here are my pics of the swap I created made for Heidi.

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