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Sounds like it was a fun trip and I love that you got someone to take your picture! I cannot find the photos that I took of San Francisco, Alcatraz and Napa Valley when we were there 14 years bc ( before children) Glad Miranda is coming home and let us see her wonderful tan!

ps...WHAT finds you always make! I am amazed and not just a little jealous,too!

What a lovely post :)

How annoying about your compooter being unavailable for a while. That would DRIVE ME NUTS!!! Thank Goodness for Glen the Hubs.

So heartwarming to see a photo of you and dear Malou together. I SO wish that I'd been there.

Yay, Miranda's coming back! You must be jumping up and down in anticipation!

LOVE the pic of you in front of the Miranda sign :)

Michelle, Enjoy your time with your daughter! I'm so happy she's coming home to you!! Have fun!! xo natalea

your relationship with your daughter is so awesome. hey, when ireland was little, we went to a place called ireland! see how much we have in common?

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