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Happy Valentines Day to you!!! I was so sorry that I couldn't join the mermaid swap you hosted, looks like everyone had a lot of fun! My daughters room is in mermaids, mostly because I'm obsessed with them! Look out for a little something in the mail in the next couple of days. I saw something the other day when I was out shopping and just thought of you! Hope you two have a great night!

Happy Valentines day! My jury duty wasn't as exciting, there was one objection but that was it. It isn't relly like tv at all, is it.... but still kind of fun.

Have a great valentines

Happy Valentine's Day! So nice you're enjoying jury duty---sure wish I could say the same! Have been on 3 or more trials, all extreme yawners! I learned to ask for a notepad to "take notes" during the trial and spent tons of time sketching everyone there---it helped to make the sloooowww repetitive time go by... (do you notice constant repetition during the trial? How many times & different ways can an attorney ask the same question?) Have a great evening w/your honey---we're making individual heart shaped pizzas for dinner---passionfruit margaritas while making dinner together with my honey & in town daughter, then watching Survivor (woot!) & maybe a movie if my honey doesn't have to work the rest of the night---some fun, some frivolity, all good!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's to you and Glen. I agree w/you on trying to go out of this busy "holiday" my love and I are going out instead this saturday to celebrate! Sounds like your plan is a winner!

I'm late to say so but I hope you had a happy valentine day. Your jury duty adventure was fun to hear about.

I left a sneak peek of my swap items for Denise on my blog post today if you want to take a peek. I finally got in touch with her yesterday and she is checking on her package arrival. I'll be putting your hostess gift in the mail tomorrow!

Oh my! I am all worn out reading- I didn't know until Lilli told me that you two knew each other and had met-or at least I didn't make the connection to past posts. Jury duty-you are so funny-I think I would have no patience for all that, but I'd definitely have to take charge of the group! How nice that Miranda is home, too, and you are certainly queen of the hostesses now, with the coolest swap ever a huge success! Of course, I can't believe what Lilli made-I feel so lucky-and everyone's pictures are so great. Thank you for thinking of this!!

PS- Send Mr. Fixerupperston over-have long list.

Oh....MY....God.....I hate you....just go read my blog to see why......

Ps....I really don't hate you. But I would if I didn't like you so much. just read my blog. You'll see.

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