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TWO swaps! and both ahead of the due dates! WOW! I am impressed and love the simplicity of the themes. I need a fabric collection, to learn to sew with. Have a great date weekend and now I need to Google the movie title and ceramic pens! Sometimes living in the back woods is SO tiresome, :)

Your pages ROCK, Michelle! Awesome how you took on 300 fabric pages!

Firstly, I think you're insane to sign up for two fatbooks! But you've pulled it off with style...and even ahead of time!!

Hi Atty, you Cutie!

Your little Forest Friends are Brilliant!

Very impressed with your clouds.

All this time those bathroom curtains were unhemmed? How unobservant am I?! :)

Your 2nd fatbook looks wonderful. Photocopying works very well sometimes, doesn't it. I like the little glittery touches.

Have a great weekend, Sweetie :)

Really like your art for these fatbooks---fun to see your drawings---you're really good!! Your chipmunk reminded me we had one hopping in and out of the cinderblock under the porch next door the other day---really weird since we have squirrels in abundance around here, but have never seen a chipmunk in town---even at the huge park across the highway just blocks away! We wondered if he hopped a ride in one of our neighbors cars & ended up in the neighborhood... Keep watching for him, but haven't seen him since---if Brad hadn't witnessed him too, I'd seriously wonder about my eyes!!

Mmm, just want to rub that kitties' belly....does he like that? Our cat loves to have his belly rubbed---but that's pretty unusual for most cats I've known!

Wow, you've been a busy girl. Fab work, doll!! Love the forest creature doodling. Brilliant:)

I am IMPRESSED! I have one fatbook swap to finish before April 10 -- and actually, I hope to be finished this week, but I only have to do 28. Nice job. Wish I was in one of those groups.

How do you do it?! You are one of the most productive people I know!

my goodness! all that work! it looks wonderful, and your kitty's such a cutie.

WooHoo! Didn't it feel great to send those pages in...and on time too?! I LOVED making the fatbook pages...I was so fired-up! I'm in the middle of making 'trades' despite being interrupted by well-meaning littles. Can't wait to see your pages in person...My gosh! Less than a month!!

My dear you are a powerhouse of energy, two fat books! My goodness, can't even keep up w/my own projects...

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