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What a cool bunch of places! That hotel is Fabuloso. Love that sweet mural......and the story of the elevator :)

How sweet of you to do for your hubby! Sounds like a blast!


looks like you had a great time!

check my blog, I passed something on to you!

Hello!! Come by my blog I have something to give you!

You go to the funnest places...can i come live with you??

You really know how to make a birthday weekend special! Was fun exploring the links you posted---makes me almost miss living in Portland! I do know we'll be visiting some of the places you listed---nice having your recommendations since we've become so out of touch with what Portland has to offer these days. Had to read thru all of Kenny & Zukes I'm hungry! The Living Room Theatre sounds fabulous---what movie are you going to see? Think it's about time to treat ourselves to a date night in Portland sometime soon!

I will be in Portland over Spring break. I am looking for a hotel now, I am going to check this out. and I have always wanted to go to the living room theatre. I saw it last time I was in Portland. Great links.

Wow! I've never been in there. I've always associated it with strippers, for some reason (perhaps because I've been around PDX too long?). That is a neat hotel.

Congratulations on pulling off the surprise! Enjoying your blog.

What a cool hotel! Glad you shared. I am back in circulation after my little side trip for work. Are you gathering your book submission? You must, you must...hey, why not write a proposal for an art book all to its own, borrowing from the A&S theme of Art & Soul, or an Under the Sea art book, Mermaids? Hmmmm. Have a great weekend! xxoxo

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