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OMG, Love this!!! You have such a beautiful cj.

I absolutely love the last quote. It makes me think of several things I would do without fear and doubt stopping me. :) The artwork in your book is beautiful. ~Martha

oh WOW~ what a cool journal! cant wait to get my hands on it! xoxo

Beautiful book: cover, inside, pages, collage, handwriting... everything! You'll have so much fun when that book comes back!


I grew up in Seneca Falls, NY where Elizabeth Cady Stanton home was right on the same street as her home...which has been restored and is open to the public to view...I grew up admiring her and always wanting to know her and what her life must have been like to take on a fully Patriarchal Society so fiercely and unflinchingly.

I love seeing her quoted.


Very very cool, Michelle!

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