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Hey Girlfriend...

I'm glad you've had such a fulfilling time crafting to your heart's content! Love that purple book with our pic on the front :)

Hanna's great! She's so creative, and so free about trying things and making them work.

Steve's in the living room right now, trying out a new blues riff on the guitar. Apparently it's giving him a cramp all the way up his arm! Poor dear, and here I am barely giving my fingertips a workout with typing :)

I love it that you display your charm bracelets like the art that they are instead of in a jewelry box packed away!

Wow, you have been one crafty-busy chica! What fun!!

Oh my goodness gracious! I adore the charm bracelet! I wanted to go to Silver Bella soooo bad! Maybe if they have one on the west coast?!?! I would love to be a vendor at it also!! You have great stuff to look at! Smiles..Joy....

Sounds like a fab time!

I do so miss the scrap assemblies! I would love to go again. Tjpse bracelets are really cute and my gift to myself for my birthday on monday is to buy Hanna's book!

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