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Lookit those ruby-red gems! You certainly got a lot done there, little lady! Inspiring, actually.

Have a great couple days off, Sweetie :)

great soldering job, wow, and so many!
my little cabinet needed a nice new loving home so i'm glad it found one with you. i had so much fun with you & claudine last weekend, we will have to do that again!

the sodering looks great and that studio pic is such a inpiration for a pack rat like me!

Oh those charms are so beautiful! I love them!

Mmmm, lovely red charms! Sounds like a fab weekend---now another one already! Have another great extended weekend :)!

Awesome! I was hoping I would get a soldered charm - looks great!

Your ruby red soldered charms look great - they just glow!! Awesome soldering job. And congrats on the great turnout for your Mermaid swap!

That studio shot is sure inspirational! All those well-organized drawers and artfully displayed supplies. Love to see the shots of yours when it's all reorganized with your new cabinent!

You are one busy lady, Michelle. This swaps are so much fun!!!

Hi there, I found your blog because of the beautiful photos of the mermaid swap. Looks like I started a blog just a little too late for an amazing swap! Your soldering looks great. It's taken me quite a long time to learn how to do it. :)

Sounds like you had fun! Wow, so many charms! I spent most of the day desiging and executing my art piece for the mermaid swap. I plan to post a sneak peek on Monday or Tuesday depending how far I get with the project tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for hosting!

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