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OMG, Michelle!!! Your entry to my round robin is SO lovely!!! I can't wait to get it back and see all the wonderful entries of you ladies! Yay, I also get a pix of you and Glen! Love that...Thanks for the looksie!

What a weekend you have planned! Will you be able to take all that excitement?!

Adorable pages :)

beautiful pages! the sandman's coming to me early this week too. maybe it's something in the air?

I'm so jealous! what a fun weekend you have planned!! It's so nice that you have friends locally that you can craft with! I hope you all have a blast!
I'm having such fun with my Mermaid Swap! can wait for everyone to share on flickr!
Have lots of fun and yummy Grapefruit Martinis! Yay!
xo natalea
p.s. those photo booth pics are adorable!

Oh that sounds like a fun weekend! Enjoy with every sense! great journal pages!
Smiles, Anke :)

Oh, so jealous...sounds like fun. I love your home album, you can tell from the pages that your house and honey bring so much joy! Now, I'm itching to find a photo booth!

Thank you Michelle..I am collecting treasures from my beach..... mermaid muse! Ha! Splash! Denise

Lovin' the book!! It looks great! So sorry I couldn't do the swap..... I knew I would never be able to get everything done in time. But I can't wait to see everyone's creations!

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