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Michelle!!! It was my pleasure coming up with a badge for you. Your swap sounds like so much fun and I am a beach lover. I have shell collections and two rooms in my house are made to look like the beach. I would love to join but I am worried I may not have enough time to hunt for precious items. Let me look around tomorrow and I will give you a definite answer!xoxoxoSandy

Hi Michelle!
Happy New Year!!
I really like the idea of this swap and would love to participate.

Hi, Michelle!!! I love this idea actually I have never been to a swap such as this beautiful one so I would love to join and be matched up w/someones. Oh how cool this is! thanks for sharing w/me about the swap I really do appreciate it, I will be hunting very soon! Love Malou you hear that sound? That's the sound of my heart breaking in two. :( WWWWaaaaahhhhhhhhh All of my "goodies" are in storage. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE host another swap in the summer!! We have to have moved into a house by then...this is torture. :(

Yay for You- Thank you so kindly for the huge plug and again for my goodies, which I think are truly the most beautiful I've seen. I cannot wait to join in, and now I will blog about this again soon. PS- I cannot take credit for the map cone, that was a pay-it-forward from Dale of Sea Dream Studio. xoxox Sista! or Seester, I guess. We don't have any accent here in the Midwest. LOL

Hi Michelle,
Count me in! I've always wanted to try a swap. I've got a couple of weeks, right?!

What a spectacular theme for a swap! Count me in! I'm a Piscean, after all :)

Ohhh yeah! I am so in on this. Mermaids are my muse. As Gina Smith can attest to. What gorgeous, gorgeous goodies above! I would love to suggest maybe later in the year, we circle back around and maybe share or swap something we have made with the goodies?? Just a thought...It might be fun to at least see some of the wonderful things created with these goodies. I guess we can post them to the flicker group though - duh. Sorry, thinking too much while I am writing. Heidi :)

wow everything is so beautiful!!!
what a great idea!!
i can't join im in 6 swaps so far. having surgery later this month,
bummed this is a beautiful swap. i cant wait to see what everyone creates!

I'm in on this amazing swap! I couldn't resist.

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