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Oh what a beautiful gift from Renee! I've had it happen to me, that years after my parents died, I find out something new about them. It's such an unexpected blessing, esp since all my family is gone now except my brother.

Congratulations on filling in some missing pieces that you didn't know were missing!

My grandpa also flew B-24's in WW2. What year was your dad there and what crew was he in. How crazy if they were there at the same time. Great pictures!

So sweet! by the way, I can see a definite resemblance between the two of you!

What a treasure to have all those wonderful heirloom photos! Such a special gift.

I can see the resemblance too from photos of yourself you have posted :)

I don't think I've ever seen that picture of Daddy doing the dishes....but that is how I remember him too. He was such a "manly" man, yet at the same time would do dishes (with a smile) and then sit on the couch and cry at a Hallmark commercial with me. I sure do miss him too, every single day.

such a wonderful gift...
what a treasure.

Oh Michelle, this is wonderful, thank you for this post. I agree about the photo of him doing dishes. Being the oldest and having stories associated with this image, seeing it is always a vivid experience. I'm so glad I released these to you, for they now have the perfect home.

your Dad looks like a sweetie! what a neat post, thanks for sharing!

What a treasure you have in all those family photos and memories. I know when my grandmother died I took away loads of very special!


That is so sweet! I have also purchased photos but have several hundred of my own family that I could use. will you use them in ephemera? I have not decided as of yet but there are wonderful wedding photos from the 40's and 50's that I want to use. Copy them, scrap(book) them, then send them out into the universe is what my husband says!

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