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what a wonderful surprise! Happy birthday, Glen!

What a present, present, present, present..and on and on. But the best of all. Your baby's coming home!!!!!
Happy day

It sounds like a wonderful birthday surprise for the Glen! Look forward to more details :)

Happy Birthday to Glenn! Michelle you did good, so many birthday suprises. Love those photobooth pics. These are becoming a thing of the past and they are so much fun. Have a wonderful day!

Holy Cow, what a great birthday surprise---especially the Feb. 4 ticket! I bet you're both so thrilled!! Happy Birthday Glen :). By the way, if you don't mind, can you email me some info about the Ace? (like $$ etc... their website didn't seem to have much about that :)) Brad & I are thinking about doing a Portland escape! Thanks!

Happy birthday to your sweetie, and have a wonderful time with Miranda! What a great present!

Thank you for inviting me to swap..I looked up the mermaid get its gorgeous! I do not know how to measure or sew...I was thrown out of home ec because I poured syrup in teachers chair! Thank God for a glue gun.I was invited to a Valentine Swap too! EEek!
I signed up for Silver Bellas January class and have done Nothing because of request for sick child..posted on my blog! Denise Mass.

What a fantastic birthday surprise you planned for him! Just priceless! And those photobooth pics are great! Those are just the best fun when you're out "doing the day"!

That sounds like an awesome surprise!!!!! Saw you found out about the award ;) You are very welcome! Have a great day ;) Off to let everybody else know now....

Wha... You what?!
A good time was had by all ;-)

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